Bombazo en Barrio Logan!

By: Joanie López ∞

It was a Saturday evening and some of us Coyotes were deciding what to do, so we decided to go check out Voz Alta’s event of Bombazo en Barrio Logan. Let me tell you, we were the first ones there, we donated some money, and sat down to wait for people to arrive. I felt that the performers were very welcoming; some of them came up to us to introduce themselves.

People started arriving, essentially the whole room got packed and it was a very upbeat event. They had the drums beating loud, live singers projecting their voice super powerful, and everybody joined the chants.

Bomba Liberté is a San Diego group that dances and sings Afro-Puerto Rican music also known as Bomba. Their philosophy is to educate people of the tradition of Afro-Puerto Rican history and culture through their performances. Through this art style, they liberate themselves of the struggles that they have endured throughout time.

Not only did they have live Bomba, but also Los Jaraneros group performed some Son Jarocho, a musical style of Veracruz, Mexico, that also fuses African and Spanish sounds. Son Jarocho uses jaranas, which are small guitars and donkey jawbones along with other instruments. Their dance is interesting too because they also do Zapateado. I decided to capture some of those moments of both Bomba and Son Jarocho through video. The night ended and los Coyotes left with a great lesson–music and its form brought us all together that night.