Between Amor y Perdición Exists Forgiveness

By: Tres Nombres ∞

MARITZA: “I close my eyes, and feel the beat. Everyone dancing and I’m in heat.” ¡Yo nada mas vengo aquí a olvidar mis penas! Otra vez he told me that I’m not for him. Can you believe that? I don’t understand. He says that I’m a beauty and treats me like queen, but as soon as he gets the love. From Malinche no me puedo salir!.. ¡Pero no lo puedo olvidar! Feeling passion for him and that thought of forgiveness every day. I went to his house, and met his mom. I wish I hadn’t gone. I saw her sadness and how her son JORGE was avoiding her made her feel more alone. (Suddenly a WAITER comes by and takes her empty drink, offering another one).

WAITER: ¿Cómo andamos muchachas, otra? 2X1 beers y nada más por ustedes, mixed drinks.

MARITZA: No thanks! We’re good I think. We’re done for tonight.

WAITER: ¿Quiere qué le traiga la cuenta?

MARITZA: Si, por favor. (PRISCILLA gets up from the table and gets ready to leave, looking herself at the mirror)

PRISCILLA: Eres una pendeja, la neta wey. I still don’t get how someone like you can be with that pinchi marijuano. Nada bueno has sacado, except for making you feel like this.

(PRISCILLA takes her coat and put it on)

MARITZA: You are always so polite. What should I do? I think I love him! (She stands up and begins walking towards the “club” exit)

PRISCILLA: ¡Love him mis ovaries m’ija! That ain’t love; that’s what I call being afraid to be alone. Ya ponte los pantalones and start to make decisions for yourself. He hates women, when are you going to understand?!

MARITZA: You know what is time for?

PRISCILLA: Do you ever listen to me?! (Grabs her hair to fix it) Fine. What is it time for?

MARITZA: Tj tacooos! (Moving her hips, and about to fall. MARITZA moves on the right side of PRISCILLA)

MARITZA: You know what amiga? I love you con todo y tu bocota grosera.

PRISCILLA: I love you too amiga con todo y tu pendejada de fuera.

MARITZA: ¡Ay Mujer!

(Stage changes with MARITZA and PRISCILLA “heading to eat tacos.” Minutes later, stage changes again “ready to cross the border”)

CBP: Where you going?

MARITZA: Chula Vista


CBP: You girls, too young, shouldn’t be here so late. NEXT!

PRISCILLA: Ay, ¡todos son una bola de amargados aquí! They need some woman! (Laughs out loud)

MARITZA: ¡Ay que grosera! Pero tienes razón (Laughing). Bueno amiga I’ll go home. Tomorrow I have a little adventure with you know who.

PRISCILLA: Ayayaii, when will you learn? Take care amiga. (MARITZA gives PRISCILLA a hug and PRISCILLA leaves stage)

(Stage changes for the next day and MARITZA is with JORGE in a motel)

JORGE: You want some? La acabo de comprar, esta buena.

MARITZA: Jorge, I’ve told you that I don’t do drugs y ademas, ¡la mota apesta!

JORGE: Ándale, es una experiencia única. Ya sabes que te quiero. Besides, I want this experience with my girl. One more time, what’s the matter?

MARITZA: Just with you?

JORGE: Yes, preciosa, just with me.

(MARITZA starts looking at the sky and gets out of the bed. Facing audience. JORGE freezes)

MARITZA: ¿Por qué me hago esto? ¿Saben como lo conoci? He was one of my good friends at work. So cute. Always trying to make me feel special, but it was the wrong choice. ¿Por qué me hace esto a mi! Diciéndome que las mujeres no sirven para nada. That the only thing that I’ll do in my life is cook and “make love.” ¡Idiota! (Turns around and gets on her knees) ¡¿Por qué me pusiste a este hombre en mi camino, dios mío?! Cuando yo lo único que pedía es amor. I’m alone. I’m smarter. I go to school y soy trabajadora. Don’t you think that I deserve better?!

(Stands up, JORGE is still frozen and MARITZA stands next to him.) No soy la mujer que dices, no soy lo que tu me criticas.

(JORGE not frozen anymore and responds)

JORGE: ¡Tu mujer tonta! You choose your ways. ¡Tu mujer tonta! You know I don’t love you but still you on my way. But it’s okay, así me sirves. Eres mi pedacito de meat. Que mas puedo esperar de una vieja, el favor me haces pero nena no te hagas la de la sorpresa. Vete acostumbrando, ¿qué no ves  que te estoy moldeando? Getting stoned every day, sex and you of course. (Sarcastic laugh) Ay preciosa, lo único bueno de ti es lo sabrosa. (Laughs out loud) ¡Viejas! (Jorge touches softly her face and leaves the stage. MARITZA faces the audience once again)

MARITZA: (Rises her arms and puts them down.) I feel alone; I guess he is not wrong. I lost my car, work offers, friends, and most importantly myself. (Faces against the audience and then turns around) That was the last day I saw him. I have the power to control my life you know? I guess I lost it. I never thought that I was going to experience violence in my life. Sex, passion and drugs out of my control, I just hope my mommy doesn’t find out of este cabron. (Puts on a worried face)

(Stage changes and MARITZA changes clothes)

MARITZA CONSCIOUSNESS: At what point in our lives do we allow anyone else to makes us forget who we are? (Faces the floor) I failed. I failed myself. (Grabs a chair and sits down. Stares at audience determined, secure, and points at them) This is not over! I hope he has a great life! Women can do better y eso no se cuestiona. Ponte en mis zapatos and analyze. Is this why women forget that they have power themselves? Because the oppression we suffer like JORGE? (Quickly stands up and runs all over the stage) I feel free!! I feel free, I let him go!

(Suddenly stops) Ahora prepárense cabrones; it is time to watch us rise and have a voice! (She leaves stage.)