Captain America-The Winter Soldier


By Daniel Sandoval ∞

Movie Review: may contain spoilers

I don’t consider myself a Marvel fan, I do like superheroes but I’m not into comics. Regardless of that, I recommend the sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It is a movie full of suspense with a comical line here and there. I’m not going to spoil the movie by saying who the winter soldier is, or in what exact scene Stan Lee appears. The corruption in this film is what caught my attention. Lastly, in the industry of film making, we see a fight against corruption. This may be, a totalitarian government (some examples might be ” The Hunger games” or “Divergent “). But in this movie, the corruption is inside of a corporation that promises national security. That corporation is S.H.I.E.L.D. This can be related to modern topics, such as those related to privacy. One big example can be the NSA (National Security Agency), sector of the government that has as a purpose to protect our nation, but instead, it has been tracking all of us. That, includes our phone calls, texts messages, and even our internet history. What we used to call privacy is not present anymore. Another topic of the movie I found interesting begins when Captain America says to Nick Fury “Guns pointing at everyone does not leave a feeling of protection but fear”. In my opinion This is true, the United States leaves fear to other nations or even its own country with such military superpowers. Myself living in San Diego, a city with an extensive military presence I feel threatened by some attack from the Pacific.”Captain America The Winter Soldier” was well made. It is well suited for all ages, full of action and explosions. If you want to remain glued to your seat and have a good time, and see a political thriller that is very much a critique of our country and the time we live in then this movie is perfect for you.