Cycles of Change


eastrampmuralMural15restoredPhotoToddStands_croppedBy: Gabriela Flores ∞

As I made my way into El Centro Cultural De La Raza, I was not sure what to expect. It was my first time attending any of the events held there. They showed a video called Cycles of Change: Restoring Quetzalcoatl, which talked about the artwork on the walls of Chicano Park. I have lived in San Diego for the majority of my life and I knew little of the history of Chicano Park. I found the video very interesting as I knew nothing about it, nor did I ever stop and think about the meaning behind it and how meaningful it is to not only the artist, but also to those who live around the area and are proud of their roots. The video shows the renovation and transformation of the murals into a creative passage for future generations, which were led by the visions of seven amazing artists; Victor Ochoa, Guillermo Aranda, Salvador Torres, Mario Torero, Jose Cervantes, Thomas Castañeda, and Guillermo Rosetta. One thing that stood out to me of from the murals was a painting of a young woman. It was said she represents a hard working woman who can be anyone from a sister to an aunt. As a Hispanic woman, I found this touching because working hard towards your goals is a way of life. This video showed me a side of my culture I was unaware of. It also taught me that there is still more to do to liberate our people. Progress is being made daily with the ambition and inspirational artwork from the seven creators of the murals in Chicano Park.