From Dusk Till Dawn: TV Show Review


from-dusk-till-dawn-the-series-geckosBy: Claudia Cumplido ∞

Robert Rodriguez, the director of the popular movie Machete, has made a TV show based on his movie “From Dusk till Dawn”. I have never seen the movie, but I spent my spring break watching the latest 4 episodes of the series. It apparently expands on the story from the movie. The show is about the Gecko brothers, Seth (D.J Cortona) and Richie (Zane Holtz), who are trying to cross the border into Mexico after robbing 30 million dollars from a bank to meet up with the mysterious drug lord Don Carlos (Wilmer Valderrama). They get into some violent and bloody incidents before they are able to leave Texas, thanks to Richie’s psychotic visions of  a woman (Eiza Gonzalez) telling him to kill people. Because of that, they have a Texas Ranger, Freddie Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia) on their trail. In a later episode, we find out that Carlos is a vampire/snake and that he worships Santanico Pandemonium, which is the woman that Richie has been visioning. The Gecko brothers bump into the Fuller family; they take them as hostage and(in) their RV to help them cross the border.

The show has so far been somewhat intriguing. It is kind of slow on the storytelling because the timeline shifts from the present and past throughout the 4 episodes. It is a show that’s directed, created and written by Robert Rodriguez in the same theme of Machete there happens to be a lot of violence and ridiculous gun slinging sequences. It’s nice to watch a show that has Latino characters (That are not offensive  or depicted in a racist manner. I had no problem with the show creating a mythology that is mixed with Aztec, Mayan and Mesoamerican beliefs. Overall, it’s a fun show to watch especially if you like movies from Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino. The show airs on El Rey Network, which is the recently launched TV cable channel of Robert Rodriguez. If you have cable, check your provider and see if it’s available for you. It is important to support a channel that is owned by a Latino. Let’s show Hollywood that we are watching!