Let’s Raise Our Glasses!

By: Gina Contreras ∞
Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo, with that being said, it is celebrated in Mexico and in the U.S. Do you ever wonder why it’s celebrated on both sides of the border? Americans have the interpretation that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Independence Day in Mexico or a celebration of the Mexican culture and heritage. Or maybe just another day to go out and drink and mingle.
Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of the Mexican army’s victory over France in the battle of Puebla in 1862. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo mainly celebrated in the state of Puebla, and it’s a minor holiday, it’s not considered a major or federal holiday, so offices, banks, and stores do not close. It’s celebrated with parades, mariachi music, performances, and street festivals that include traditional foods such as tacos and mole poblano.
In the U.S, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated amongst predominantly Mexican- American communities. The Mexican Culture and heritage is what is interpreted as a celebration. During the Chicano movement in the 1960’s, activist raised awareness because it identified with the victory of Indigenous Mexicans over European invaders.
So whichever way you choose to celebrate, let’s raise our coronas and margaritas in honor of the Mexican army and their victory at the Battle of Puebla of 1862.

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