Reflection on Protest for 43 Students



Priscilla Guerena∞

There are about seven billion people in the world. Each individual impacts planet earth in one way or another. To think how friends, family, and others have a role on that number it somewhat changes the perspective of how that number is viewed. On September 26, 2014, forty-three students were disappeared in Ayotzinapa. That number was perhaps just a group of people to some, but to others those were sons, brothers, cousins, and grandchildren that were brutally abducted when they were on their way to a protest for a better education.

Looking at people making an effort to have justice and being ignored is devastating. The protest on August 26th to remember those 43 students was an effort to open eyes– but the eyes kept squeezing shut to not see. In the end what people were ignoring are battles made day to day to have a better life. They weren’t only ignoring the battles, what they were ignoring was their own future and the lives of many innocent that were lost. Innocent lives that were doing everything in their power to change the destiny of the whole population, but at the end the efforts are really the only thing that can be done. Being part of that protest made me realize that conflicts are not stressed enough in society. People should unite against the injustices made by the Mexican government who is only sucking the life of the mexican population.

Remembering those 43 normalista students that were disappeared for more than a year ago should be the fuel to keep people going and fighting for what is right. People should not be scared to act against what they are giving power to. It is a right as humans to fight against unfair treatment, to not stay quiet, and to stay together. Next to every number in the list there is a name, a person that seeked a better future for his descendants, creating his own legacy and yet murdered by people who were scared to listen. This should not happen, the government should not be given the right to disappear people just because they do not like what they say or do. That right is given to them by the people who decide to stay quiet and blind themselves when these incidents happen. Speaking up is a threat to the ones on top of the hierarchy who know they are doing wrong. As long as the Mexican civilization decides to ignore the injustices, they will keep happening not only to normalistas but anyone who becomes a threat to the government. Which is already happening with journalists, professors and others who are affecting the corruption that should not even be in the Government. Because the greed and selfishness fuels the people in power they become insensitive to taking an innocent life fighting the struggles of a working class lifestyle.

It is a duty as human beings to support each other for a better tomorrow. For the improvements that others want to make should also be the same goals. Because people need to be more selfless in this selfish community that has engraved the wrong values in us. For when we see something bad happening to another person we should help them and not only take out the phone and record to get some views or likes out of it. It has to be where our humanity takes a step forward and gives a helping hand to the neighbor or that person in the hallway that dropped their books. Because when we start to connect with each other injustices like the one in Ayotzinapa, Tlatelolco or El Salvador can be prevented and be made right. Let it not be an unfortunate death of a family member or an acquaintance for us to take a stance for righteousness and justice.