∞Marcus Alvarado

Writer’s Disclaimer: I heavily encourage readers who have any questions on the views stated in this article to do research into Hillary’s, as well as Bernie Sanders’ voting records as well as videos of them on the Senate floors and in media briefings when pushing bills and legislation. A good place to start would be the senate website, and any youtube video by C-SPAN or other reputable/ government media outlets.


Bernie Sanders’ campaign is over. Since his loss during the New York Primary on April , he should have taken it as a sign that his campaign is dead. The political revolution is over.

At least that’s the message coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign for the past few weeks. While Clinton and her supporters, along with corporate news media, have always been dismissive of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the weeks following the New York primaries have seemed to brought out the immense vitriol that the Washington establishment and Clinton Democrats really have for Sanders and his campaign. Eric Jotkoff, a democratic consultant, has said “The voters have spoken. Now it is basically mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination. Now it is time for our party to come together in support of Hillary Clinton.”

Even during the most recent Town Hall event, hosted by CNN whose lobbyists and employees are among Hillary Clinton’s top donors, saw Chris Hayes repeatedly hounding Bernie Sanders on the question of throwing his full support for Hillary Clinton if she were to win the nomination. Sanders’ response was not one you’d expect most politicians to give. In terms of getting his million supporters to throw their votes to Clinton, Sanders said that it won’t be guaranteed that he could get all, if any, to fully support someone who they view is a system of a corrupt campaign finance system.

The people who support Bernie Sanders aren’t trying to send a message, they are simply tired of the obscene amounts of money that is being used to drown out the issues that actually matter to them. He has gone on record several times, however, saying that if he were to support her, then she would need to vow to support a supreme court justice who would overturn Citizens United which allows nearly unlimited amounts of money to be contributed to political campaigns. For a start.

Sanders has also expressed his concern over the need to aggressively tackle, and attempt to slow down the ever increasing effects of climate change. With 2015 being one of the hottest years on record, and 2016 looking to be even warmer, the need to come away from fossil fuels and fully dive into green sector energy is crucial. He has also said that the next President of the United States must be ready to also take on the rebuilding of our infrastructure and, higher and lower education systems, and the need for a livable minimum wage.

When asked by Rachel Maddow during the same Townhall if she would adopt any of Bernie Sanders’ policy positions to attract his supporters,Clinton went on a tirade over her obvious delegate and voter lead over Sanders. When prompted several more times, Clinton grew frustrated, and reiterated her talking points. After the final attempt by Maddow, Clinton ended her response by saying that Sanders’ supports must “come together” for party unity and vote for her during the General Election to avoid a republican taking the White House.

So that’s it. According to Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and all of the Establishment, Bernie Sanders has lost the race. It is now time for us to bow our heads and anoint her Highness Hillary Clinton to the most important seat in office in the world. Well, good luck with that.

According to the most recently available polling done by Mcatchy-Marist, roughly 25-33% of Bernie Sanders supporters will not vote for Hillary Clinton. This might seem like a relatively small number, but considering that Hillary will be running up against a populace candidate with Trump, who outperforms her in several head to head polls especially with independents,  should she gain the nomination, she will need every vote if she wants to safely secure the white house. The only way she can guarantee that is if she immediately stops financing her campaign off the backs of Wall Street and her corporate donors, formally agrees that she will commit to ending the current corrupt campaign finance laws, and vows that any Supreme Court nominee she appoints will be clearly in favor of overturning Citizens United. Without that, the ⅓ of Bernie supporters could vote Trump out of pure spite for Hillary, or more probably for a third party candidate who would stand even less of a chance than Bernie Sanders at winning this election.

Because the thing that Hillary, her supporters, and the Washington Establishment still don’t get after an entire year of campaigning, is that those 33% who won’t vote for Clinton aren’t doing it out of protest or because of misplaced idealism, but because those who support Sanders also support the fact that we desperately need a political revolution in terms of the way we go about making policy decisions in this country. As an extensive study from Princeton University has found that while reviewing over 2000 public opinion polling done over the past 20 years, public opinion has nearly zero impact on U.S. laws. Which means that Congress will pass a law, even if the public is split or completely in favor or against it. And why should they? According the Huffington Post and WashingtonPost, D.C. politicians spend roughly half of their 10 hour days soliciting campaign donors for money for re-elections that may be as far as an entire term away, or for local political leaders in the same party. Well, when you spend half your day in the “cocktail circuit”, as it’s referred to by those in Washington, talking to wealthy people for 5-8 hours a day, you’re only hearing the needs of those wealthy individuals, not the needs of the hundreds of thousands of voters you’re supposed to be representing.

When you consider the fact that Hillary Clinton participates in that very same system, you can understand why people don’t trust her when she tries to reassure the people that she will be beholden to the people and not wealthy contributors, especially when her colleague Barack Obama, who to date has taken the most amount of campaign donations from Wall Street and wealthy corporations, couldn’t even keep his promises of progressive Hope and Change. In regards to specific policy decisions she has made that seemed to favor the wealthy over the good of the American people, she has supported trade agreements like Nafta and Pafta, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, along with military action taken in Pakistan, Libya, and Syria, the notorious Keystone XL pipeline, and pushing her husband’s crime bill in the 90s, which set up mandatory minimum laws for drug offenders and has lead to the rise in the prison system. During her time on the board of directors for Walmart when her husband was still governor of Arkansa, she did nothing to stop Walmart from cracking down on unions and workers who wanted fair wages. Even now she’s recently come out in favor of a $15/hr minimum wage, when her platform calls for a $12/hr wage.

While not every bad policy decision Hillary has supported has been because of these donors, she definitely chose what she would consider to be the “politically correct” decisions at the time, despite there being enough reason not to be in favor of them.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves as last Tuesday’s victory in West Virginia, and his May 3rd upset in Indiana shows us that Bernie Sanders is still in the race. Even if he doesn’t win every state between now and California, there’s still a strong possibility that Bernie Sanders will pick up enough delegates to reach a contested convention in July. There, he’ll be able to make the case to the American people on why he is the stronger candidate and should be the democratic nominee. Afteral, polling indicates that if it comes down to Sanders vs. Trump, Bernie crushes “the Donald” by 15 points, while Hillary may lose by as many as 5 percentage points. And while I wouldn’t necessarily get my hopes up, there are still a dozen FBI agents investigating Hillary over her use of a private email server So that means there’s still the off chance that she may get indicted before the convention. At a minimum, the case into Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server and whether or not classified information was shared between her and her staff members, or if there is evidence to suggest that the State Department may have done any favors for any foreign, or domestic, individuals or agencies overseas that have donated to the Clinton Foundation.

In short, if Bernie Sanders cannot secure the nomination by June 7th, or enough delegates to enter a contested convention, and Hillary Clinton is animate on party unity and trying to secure the presidential nomination this fall, then she must formally denounce the current campaign finance system, stop the flow of corporate money into her campaign going into the general election, and vow to support a Supreme Court nominee who will be beholden to the American people by ending citizens united and other corrupt campaign finance laws,, and call for the financing of public elections. Only then can she unite the party, and in turn the country, to defeat Donald Trump. Otherwise, she risks the safety of the people and the country by playing politics as usual in a country that is burning for change.