Yolotl Speaks


By: Elizabeth Pantoja •

Part 1: Oct 12 1492…

Not a day of celebration

but a day that marks an Indigenous


Columbus and Cortez and

Pizaro and Custer and Kearney

and all them who came not with

the intention to UNITE and

Coexist but to annihilate and

steal and plunder

Rape and dominate

To invade to terrorize and

brutalize our people and our

land our waters our stories our

songs our dances our seeds

and our beings

Creating false borders…

We are descendents of a

beautiful rich story…full of love,

dulzura, wisdom, knowledge,

values, teaching, community, of

respect to the land…and

respect to eachother…

Connection to land connection to eachother. Breathing in and

out…sun rise sunset…

Through these 518 years we,

the 7th generation, descendents

of the Original Peoples of


Island…Ixachilan..have been

witnesses of the many painful

events within our story of our

people-whether herstory-or

history-bottom line our story-

brain washed to call eachother  ‘Indian’ ‘illegal’…




It has been said that to be born Indigenous





We too are a Nation

Within a Nation of Nations

Descendents of the Sacred Maiz


Indigenous Ancestry

One night while looking up to Grandmother Moon

I began contemplating underneath the

Citlalins (stars)

Contemplation led me into a whirlwind of all the pain that this land has seen

The capitalistik warfare…biological warfare…


Rape of the land. rape of mind. of body…of soul?




Hunger…starvation…economic exploitation

In the name of profit and privatization…


Lies and disrespect




Forced migrations

Deportations and militarization


Patriarchal Domination



Disease…divide and conquer…

Techniques…corrupt tactics





Segregation Manipulation and distort-ation of our Story

Written by another mind and another hand non native to this land


Of a people…of a Land

Psychologically brutalized

Terrorized falsely label-ized

Brainwashed to call eachother



Father less Mother less

Act of Terror-ists

Annihilations of tongues-ways-dances

Forbidden to tell and share

And continue the beautiful Education

The harmony and unity of CommUNITIES

Self sufficiency

And so much more

I fell to the floor and felt the end coming near

But that is when I began to hear…

The Huitzitzilins wisdom resonating-transcending away my tears

As I placed my bare hands on the ground

there was this sound

An ancient sound coming from within


From the depths of my soul began to play

My heart

it sung to me

in a language so familiar yet so new…so sweet and so calm

like rivers flowing gently along…


It said:

I am Yolotl. Your Heart

Your first and infinite Hue Hue- ancient drum

Close your eyes. Open them inside

And think, see, act with me

Yolotl said if rocks could speak they’d tell you the whole story

Seen and unseen

Story of creation. of migrations

The story ‘Of the Ancients among your people’

So listen Cihuatl listen.

Del ombligo te conectastes a todo. La Essencia.

With in the stars the story and destiny is written

‘As on Earth as it is in the Heavens’

So don’t forget to look up

You are a strong Cihuatl Yaomeh. Women Warrior

You are love you are loved

Never forget that

That is what you are. A strong warrior

Dulzura. Of peace. Of Love. Of healing.

Descendent of strong warriors

Within your blood and veins runs the story of a people

And civilizations thousand of years in the making


Like a weave you are connected

To the Omleca.Toleca.Mixtec.Zapotec.Cucapa.Wirarika.Raramuri.Yoemeh.Kumeyaay.Paipai. Cahuilla



Mohawk.Seneca.Cayuga.Onondaga. Oneida. Inuit. Kuna.



Nanhu. Mik’Maq. Onondaga.Ojibwe. Tohono O’odam.




Gitxsan.Sachum.Snuip Snuip.Cree.Algonquian.

Kanaka Maoli. Maori

Quechua. Gauyaki. Mapuche. Guarani.Lenca. Mesquitos.

Tzeltal y Tzotzil.Triqui.Mazahua.

Kikapoo. Pima. Huasteca. Siminole

Anasazi. Mohikan. Teotihuakan@

Afro Mexica.

And so many more

Connected to all

North East South West

Beautiful Civilizations full of knowledge and sabirudia

Condor. Eagle. Scissor Tail. Quetzal

Listen Cihuatl listen

For 518 years your cells have been in resistance

For 518 years you have endured and survived

All that violence and brutality

Estas aqui que no?

Within your womb is the story of the cosmos.


Within your cells lies the genetic memory of your Ancestors

Ancestors are here to guide and protect

Give you strength

During these hard times do not fear

So listen my dear

Think and speak with me-your heart- even though as hard as it may


Just allow that light within you to beam

Might sound hard to do

Be true and remember the wisdom of the flute


know I am and will

Always be with you

You are a reflection of your Ancestors

And that of Tlalli Tonantzin-Earth Mother

A representation

Galactic Butterfly

Listen Cihuatl listen

You are a child of the beautiful

Sacred Maiz

A descendent

Not of the ‘genetically modified’ one

But of the Original


Blue Maiz: your veins

The rivers of the Earth

Red Maiz: the sweet sacred blood

That runs within you

The blood of the Earth

Heart beat

White.Pink.Yellow.Native Maiz

My flesh

Color of all peoples and all Nations


Listen Cihuatl listen

Like I said your a reflection of Tlalli Tonantzin

Of this Sacred Earth Mother and of the


Descendent of a people whom the Earth was part of Culture


The waters-Atl of our Earth runs

within you and me

The divine breath of Ehecatl-wind

Within you within me

The rocks-Grandfather Stones

Within you within me

The leaves the stars Citlalins

Your cells my cells

Earth skin

The cycles of life cycles within you


The strong awakening beautiful fire within me

Within you

Somos medicina

My Yolotl


My Yolotl continues with a song that has been sung

By the lungs of El Vuh so let me share with you

“Giving hope to the hopeless bless to flow this

descendent of an ancient line of poets

it started with the Olmecs down to the Mexicas a whole race of knowledge seekers

Keeper of a Universal Wisdom

Unified by a Vision…

Rise up with like the Rays of the Sun

Like the Gods did in Teotihuacan…remember your peoples Creations…

We express rhythms and motions

Knowledge that can fill millions of oceans”

Yolotl said to listen to the dreams

The teachings. Learn. Relearn. Re-remember

Somos uno con el Universo este es mi verso

Y mi Corazon mi dio un beso adrento de mi ser

Fuerza par aver

Blessings up ahead

I open my eyes from looking inside

I left my hands on Tonantzin

Looked up to Father sky

And felt the blessings

I began to speak

In that sweet melody of a tongue that has been like medicine for so long

Battling against annihilation through poetry and song:

Tlazocamati Ometeotl

Tlazocamati Tonanztin


Tlazocamati Tonatiuh

Tlazocamti Metzli

Tlazocamati(thank you)

I could hear the Ancestors voice


North East South West

Sky CosmosCenter Earth Eachother


Ehecatl Atl  Tlaloc Tlachinolli Tlalli Metztli

Malinalli Patli

Nantzin Tatah Teiku Icniuh Tonanan Totatah



Tlazocamti Tanecic Tiotaki Tayowah

Huitzitzilins Cuahuatli Tlohtli Mazatl Ocelotl Coatl


Coyolxauhqui Quetzalcoatl Tezcatlipoca Coatlique

Xochiquetzal Mayahuel Mictlantecutli Tlazoteotl Xochipili

Tlaxcalli-Tortilla Nopalli-Nopal

Xilli Xocolatl Etl


Tlazocamti Itztli Xihuitl Tetl Copalli


Apan Papallotl Tlalocuillin

Even spider and coyote

Ce Ome Eyi Nahui Macuilli

Macuilli Tonantiuh-Quinto Sol

De Ollin

Ohtli Quetzalcoatl

Camino bello

Tlazocamati Mesheeko

Tlazocamti Yolotl Xictli


Yes I could hear it all.

Expressing it uncontrollably

All that I had held within me

Yes I somewhat overstood it all

Little by little everything was reawakening itself

Back to me. Oh how empowering

And I began feeling free

Breakin all the chains of mental slavery



Within this internal re-Evolution

There was no longer any confusion

Feeling my sense of connection

Within the perfections of the universe

And all


I was healed from what had been revealed

And I rose up on my two feet looked in front of me

Only to see a reflection of you within me


No taca Ely-zabeth

I am you and you are me

Semilitas conciente vamos tiahui

Vamos gente

In lak ech

Togetherness foreverness

Reclaiming back our consciouness that is embedded within our essence

Manifesting positive intentions

Consciousness and transformational mobilizations

So don’t forget that after 518 years we are still here

Children of Maiz so don’t forget your


So I must tell you what my heart said to me

be strong and listen to your heart sing


And show your strength in the form of love and positive manifestations in these times of revelations defending and protecting the land from corporate domination

there is no faking of our responsibility of Earth mother Caretaking

We are the 7th generation

Intertribal Nation Children and descendents of poets intellectuals healers

artists teachers architects weavers doctors dancers lawyers artesanos

mothers fathers astronomers Earth Acknowledgers

Caretakers and Milperos

knowledge seekers wisdom keepers

medicine people

all within you

Galactic butterflies

First nations

Xicana Xicano. Mexica. Nican Tlaca.


Indigenous Ancestry

Sources of Inspiration:


No longer detribalized

Listen to your Yolotl

To the ancient teachings within and that of the Earth

Reclaim your identity

Ackowledge and recognize

the gifts you have within thee

Place your hands on Tlalli

Shine that lite within to see

So Each one Re-teach one

Beauty. Peace and Love

Help eachother re-remember

To re-Evolve

So we can all walk along that


Generations that are coming

Con fuerza strength healing amor

Equilibrium y puro corazon


acknowledge your identity beautiful

Quetzalcoatl Xochitls

Seek Your story your tribe and the teachings try to put back as much of the shattered pieces

it might be difficult I overstand but just know that here I am

To help in anyway I can

After 518 yrs- conquest still here but so are we and they will see that we have broken

free from these chains of oppressed mental slavery

so tiahui yaomehs



In lak ech

Creator. Love. Tonantzin. My Ancestors. My family. My nanas and tatas-seen and unseen. And the Stories. All story tellers. All Elders. My beautiful Elders and Teachers. Danza. Xican@ studies. El Vuh. In Lak Ech. Midnite. El Popol Vuh. Coyolxauhqui. Quetzalcoatl.The Eagle. The Hawk.Moon.Sun.Stars. Genocide of the Mind book-We the People: Young American Indians Recailming their Identity by Lee Francis. Peace and Dignity.Eagle and Condor and the beautiful runners. The generations that are coming. Indigenous Resistance north and south. Encuentro Indigena. All those who have shared with me seeds of inspiration, reawakenings, rememberings, who have shared with me their unconditional lite and love and brought enlightment  and humor to my path. All my relations from winged to 4 legged to 2 legged. My heart. The Hue Hue and the Hummingbird…Life…YOU

Tlazocamati. Thank you. I love you.

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