∞ Daisy Ayala

The Trump march I took part in was a very awesome experience—I have always been for standing up for what I believe and what I am passionate for.

This year was the first year I voted. As a mother knowing that Trump had won the 2016 election, it was a very hard thing to grasp knowing that we’re choosing a racist man to be our president and that my son would be affected by it in the future.

As soon as It was announced in class that we had the option to be a part of something that could potentially change our community, I was all for it and ready to march.

We started at the MS building and passed through the school, recruiting students that felt the same way. We finally ended at the front of the school across from McDonalds and were joined by high school students. It was wonderful to know that San Diego High School and Garfield High School were going to participate In this rally and march.

One of the speakers that spoke before marching into downtown said, “Even though you are underage, you are a future and can still make a change—you are the future.”

The speakers that shared motivating words were done and we got ready to march into downtown as a whole—i’d say there were close to 300 or more people marching together.

Cops, employees from businesses, and bystanders watched as well as recorded—and also someone got arrested from the Brown Berets. I also streamed everything by going “Live” on facebook and I had many views and shares. Gestures like these are important because they can be shared throughout the world.

Overall this march was really touching and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. Just seeing how many students who wanted their voices to be heard and were heard was amazing. I’m proud to say I am Chicana. My people along with other ethnic groups united to speak up and fight for what we believe. Demonstrations like this one makes me believe that the voices of minorities will be heard if we keep unitings.