∞ Shanice Marron

I feel lucky to be Mexican and live so close to my raza. A while back, my one year old daughter had a fever for 3 days, so I took her to see a doctor here in Chula Vista, CA. I asked the doctor what was wrong with her? Does she have an infection? Is she teething? A fever isn’t normal and it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. The only thing the doctor said was “No, nothing is wrong. She’s fine, it’s normal. She could also be teething—just keep giving her Motrin and she’ll be fine. But if she starts tugging on her ears, that means an infection has spread and you should bring her back in right away.”

After the consultation, I paid $20 dollars and left the appointment feeling confused, unsure, upset, and overwhelmed. I decided to get a second opinion on my baby girl’s health. So, I took her to see a doctor in Tijuana. I asked the doctor the same questions: what was wrong with her? Is she ok? Is it the teething? Is this normal? The doctor then checked her first and after checked me too. Then she answered, “No, she’s not fine. She’s not teething either, if she were teething she’d have diarrhea. The reason why she has a fever is because she has a throat infection. So, I’m going to prescribe her and you an antibiotic and some cough syrup.” Y me dijo “Y has un caldito de pollo para las dos y tapense bien.” I was shocked and relieved to get some answers, support, and most importantly solutions. After the consultation, I paid $7! And the medication for both of us was $20!

I was happy and pissed at the same time because just a couple of hours ago the other doctor had told me that she was fine and let us walk out of the door like nothing. The differences of the visits are obvious. The doctor even took the time to check me too and give me extra information and advice. My daughter was over here suffering from an infection. What bothered me was when the American doctor said “If she pulls on her ear that means an infection has spread”. I thought to myself, wait a minute I thought you said she didn’t have an infection. So, basically she was going to wait and let the infection spread, make me go back and then prescribe antibiotics. I just can’t believe the way medical services are ran and handled here in America. This is not the first time I’ve experienced a situation similar to this one, it’s just the most recent. There’s nothing like la raza helping one another, not just trying to make money off of you. From one day to another my daughters eyes and face changed, she was smiling, and didn’t have a fever the whole night or day. I’m just glad I have the luxury live so close to my raza and be a Mexican.