∞ Nichole Castillo

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

There are so many things running through my mind.
Brown and Black bodies are under attack.
But this is nothing new.
It has been a constant battle we face as people of color.
The Majority see us as a threat that can easily be swept under the rug and brutalized.
The police who we seek protection from are no better than criminals.
Yes there are good police but the bad apples rot the rest.
We want to believe there is still good people, that goodness hasn’t left this Earth.
It’s hard when a nation turns its back on its people.
The thing is, they underestimate us.
We are a strong force.
We are strong people.
We protest, rally, sit in.
We stand in solidarity with one another.
We spread the word so more bodies will come and join our cause.
This past election has our people on edge.
Families have packed up and moved out of the country.
The gente is scared and vulnerable.
It makes me so angry and sad seeing how one man has so much power over us.
I feel like the sword of Damocles is hanging over my head.
As a youth I feel it is my duty to make sure people feel safe.
My generation will soon push out the older generation.
It needs to be more open minded and compassionate for people of different backgrounds.
We need to start taking more action and shape the world we live in to fit one that reflects its people.
We are a massive collective.
We can overcome great odds together.
We can show we will not accept what’s being given to us.
We want to see a change happen and we won’t rest until it does.