rose-with-thorns pic

∞ Ingrid Aguilar


Dear abuelita,
I’m sorry
When you were on this Earth I didn’t appreciate you
At least not as much as I should have
As you were getting older your mind was getting weaker
You would act like a little kid sometimes
You used to be my babysitter
In the end I was yours
I’m sorry we didn’t have the best relationship
In my tournaments and presentations you were always the loudest one, you would yell,
Loud and proud
People back home say I’m your reincarnation
They say we look exactly the same
Grandpa looks at me and smiles
He says I’m the same age you were when you guys met
They say we have the same attitude
No nos dejamos de nadie
Maybe that’s why we argued so much, we were just too similar
I’m sorry abuelita
Por no decirte que te quiero
Por no tenerte paciencia
Nunca pense que te me ivas a ir…