∞ Brittany Shwanke

Not a Minority


This picture shows the great revolutionary Che Guevarra, a socialist who was not only opposed to U.S foreign policy, but the constant racism and inequality faced by “minorities” everywhere. This statement that “We are not a minority” rings true to his beliefs of people holding power in numbers.

When was it decided that a people who have not only been in a land longer than anyone else, but who also make up a huge part of the population, were minorities? If it is not the fact of numbers making us a minority, then what is it? The only logical explanation is that we are meant to believe we are a minority and that we are a people who hold no power or ability to change their treatment.

However, when united and proud, our numbers show the exact opposite. Our voices loud and our cries for equality heard all throughout the world, the people of all Latin America must understand they hold power in numbers, and as so, have the power to change the current systems put in place to hold us back.