∞Nichole Castillo

***Spoilers Ahead*** This film was showcased at the Latino Film Fest. This film was produced in Mexico and is 95 min.
The synopsis for this film is “Maria Novaro, one of Mexico’s most accomplished directors, directs this enchanting adventure film about a group of friends who embark on a treasure hunt and in the process experience the adventure of a lifetime.” Small side note, how amazing is it to see a female director? They’re like unicorns in the film industry. It’s lovely to see more and more female directors.

For those who do not know, “tesoros” means treasures. This film was so amazingly brilliant, beautiful, and adorable. The cast is mainly a group of kids who are in elementary school. I was completely astounded by their level of talent as child actors. Each kid played their part so well I was completely captivated with the story. None of it felt unrealistic.

It begins with a family of four moving to a little seaside town in Mexico. They normally just visit the town on vacation. The oldest kid who is female is reluctant to move there. The middle child which is a boy loves to play a pirate game on the tablet. Part of the movie is told through story.

The only thing that would break the enchantment of the movie was that the dad is British and mainly speaks English. He speaks to his kids in English and then translate a bit to Spanish. The kids never respond in English to him. It’d reminded me of different tv shows where there is one character who speaks his families native language but everybody talks in the language from the place that are currently living. Yet they all understand each other. Although with this movie it felt the kids didn’t understand what the dad was saying since he would translate—even though that’s their dad and they lived out in London beforehand. That was my only negetive criticism for this film—besides that it was just marvelous.

The middle child is visited by the pirate from his game late one night and is told to go find the pirate’s treasure— that it’s out there, waiting for him. He enlists all his friends to help him find it, along with some of the parents. They team up to try and find the “X” because pirates always hide their treasure under a big “X” which marks the spot. These kids explore the whole town and find the symbol everywhere, but with no treasure. Eventually they decide to check out these rocks that are out in the ocean because one of the friends sees through her binoculars an “X” on one of the rocks.
It ends with them finding a treasure chest out in the water but sadly it was empty. The parents do sell the chest, and with the money they throw the kids a party.

There is definitely more that happens in this film I just wanted to do a quick rundown. It was adorable to see these kids bonding and expressing all these different emotions so perfectly and authentically. This film is definitely a must see. Sadly the film fest is over. This movie just recently came out last month and I am not sure where it is screening. I’m sure a quick google search will help you find that out. I strongly, STRONGLY encourage watching this film with family. It is well thought out and completely captivating. You will definitely not regret watching it.