∞Leslie Arellano

Mirenme Otra Vez

Who are you?
What are you?
Questions we never stop hearing,
Questions that haunt us everywhere we go
I am nineteen years old
And I don’t even know who I am yet.
I’m still learning and accepting                                                        However I do know who and what I am not.
I am not what others tell me I am
I am not who others think they see.
People always judge other people
On looks, color, social class, money
No mas!
Yo no sere otro nombre
Yo no cederé mas
I am not who you think I amI am whoever and whatever I believe I am.
I am and can be whoever I want to be
I am my own person
I am an individual living in a hideous world pushing me away for not being the color white.
Yo no soy mala
Ni soy ladrona
Yo no soy la imagen de los demás.
No one will stop me.I am not inferior
Others have decided I am inferior
por mi brown skin and brown eyes, and my bloodline.
Mi sangre, the thing I am most proud of
Mis raíces, cada una de ellas
Mexicanas, Cubanas, Haitianas, Americanas
Ustedes no ven que yo soy poder
Y yo soy inteligencia
Pero Miren bien