∞Alejandra Muniz
Attending college will fulfill mine and my parents dream. My parents hid me under-the-counter to cross over the Mexican-American border at the age of one. Their purpose was to see my siblings and I have a good education and watch me walk in a cap and gown while receiving my college degree. My purpose now is to make them proud and give them in return, the pride of having a daughter attending college. Not only will my parents be proud of me, I also want to influence my family how important it is to attend college.

My future schooling is one of my main goals because no one in my family has even graduated high school or, let alone, gone to college. My papa is the only one that has a job and maintains the household while my mama on the other hand, stays home and takes care of the family. I don’t want to become another drain to the family. Being a first-generation student is difficult, and this becomes more embossed with high school. It also gives us the wish to continue our education, so we’re able to have easier lives than our parents. Therefore, I decide to further my education by going into a community college.

First, when I have completed high school, I would like to attend San Diego City College. City College would be a great start for me because it has education programs that students can follow to meet the lower division requirements for UC or CSU colleges. I will like to graduate from a two-year community college with a minimum GPA of a 3.5- 4.0. One of my goals as a college student is to study every day for my exams and classrooms. This path will lead me into a successful life.

Secondly, after I have received my associate’s degree at a community college, it will be on a transfer to SDSU. I want to study in the medical field, as of now there are many aspects of the nursing field and I want to discover my best interest area. One of my considerations of the medical field would be an ER nurse. Of course, this procedure won’t be an easy one and there will be trials to face along the way. I do, however, consider that if I keep my eyes on my goal and work towards it, even with obstacles in my way, I will be able to carry out my goal and make a better life for my parents and myself.

Lastly, I will like to receive my master degree at the age of twenty-nine. I would love to guide those who need my help, and I will help my community by traveling around the world and assisting the less fortune, which has been one of my goals ever since I decided to become a nurse. Ever since I was a child, I always wondered what I would become when I grew up. My life experiences have not only helped me with my decision to become a nurse, but it has also molded me to become a great one. I hope that the programs at San Diego City College and my future life experience will give me the insight and education I need to meet my dream.