∞Juan Rodriguez 

El Dinero no lo es Todo

I wake up another day without you by my side
I don’t care about the money, or a better life.
Don’t care about a bigger house or better car.
I just want you close and not far.

I really appreciate what you are doing for us, crossing the border and working hard under the sun, collecting lime.
But What’s the difference between a peso or a dime? When you don’t have family time?

I don’t mind eating frijoles and tortilla for tonight or even the rest of my life.
I Just want you close so I can hug you tight!
Please just come back!

Our kids are growing only with a mother, it’s not fair for them to cry just because they miss their father…
all I know is I can’t live like this much longer.

I really miss you! Please come back as soon as you can… it’s not fair for you or for any of us…