∞Alejandra Ramirez

Making America Strong

I can feel them
stare at me
they joke and ask is that La Migra?
Like it’s some type of joke
They laughing at me
Trying to scare me
By saying they’re going to deport me
Because I’m their biggest problem in their country
That they and I will never have the same equalities
Guess what they are right.
Welcome to the reality
Heart disease
Broken Families
And we are still resilient to keep smiling
You can’t destroy us we are strong people and optimistic
That live in a land full of opportunities
If you ask me I think you’re full of insecurity
Because of our capabilities.
You’ll never be able to keep up with our personalities
So stop all this negativity
And join us for superiority
So guess what supporters of Donald Trump
I’m happy to announce to you
I support you
Please do
Make America great again by becoming more Mexican.