∞Leslie Arellano 

America Is Something, Again

“Make America Great Again”
Look around you
When was it ever great to begin with?
Was it when anyone who wasn’t white lived enslaved?
Does that even count as living?
Was it when one man created an army based on his feen to wipe out Jews?
Arbeit macht frei. . . but will it really?
Was it when people were lynched?
Or maybe it was when people were brutally beaten on the streets
Was America Great then?
Was it when we let walls separate our differences?
Was it when differences started deciding what you got in life?
Or is it the racism we see today?
Is it the hatred that was planted so many years ago
So America, land of the not so free
Which wasn’t great yesterday and isn’t great today
Let’s work on this country
And not completely screw it up