∞Christian Román

Liberty to All

America the great and the free, but are we really? America to other countries is seen as the big brother, the golden country, it’s the land of opportunity to them it’s everything they’re not. To them, it’s the perfect example of how to live a peaceful life but in reality, it’s how to live a simple life to stay alive. They see every race and ethnicity scrambling to the feet of the “Mother of Exiles” only to be deprived of their identity and moved right back into classes. Running away from their past and terrors they turn to America with their hopes and dreams of a better life but are turned away because they can’t pass a test that even our current president couldn’t answer. They gave you a piece of paper saying you’re are now an American, putting on a guise promising to protect you. Yet an innocent life is taken shot down by a man who abused his power behind the barrel of a gun. They promise you justice, but the at fault for this walks away carefree, to take away another and freely get by. So is America great, in size, in degree, power, intensity? yes and with that comes great pain. But is it free no not so much.