∞Tania Romero

The first of May is globally known as International Workers Day and is followed by marches and walkouts around the world.

On Thursday May 1st , many students at San Diego City College united in order to speak out and fight for their rights as workers, students, and people of color.

Their voices were heard all around downtown San Diego and support from the community was definitely present. What seemed to be a small-scale event in the early morning with only students from San Diego City College, resulted in an astonishing crowd followed my high school students, and people from around the area by noon.

This peaceful protest began at 11th avenue and made a stop at the Federal Building where there was various guest speakers, organizations and events.

Regardless of the certain groups of people opposing the purpose of this march, it continued throughout the day and ended at Chicano Park. All in all, this was a very successful event which happened worldwide and was particularly successful in the city of San Diego.