∞Heather Migot

As I was assigned the book The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande, I got to thinking that the border that divides two countries does more than that. It divides multiple families every year looking for a better life. Why would people want to separate their families like that for however long? How do you explain to your children that you may or may not see them again? As a mother, I couldn’t face my children and think that I may not see them again. But then again, would I be willing to leave them in order to hopefully fulfill the promise of a better life? This is the struggle that many families go through in order to find a better place to settle. People have been emigrating for eons.

That big wall that cuts across the Unites States and México, not only cuts land, but cuts the heart of families willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for family. Why keep the border closed when our country was founded by immigrants? Why do families the injustice of allowing the option to even be there to leave family members behind. Without immigrants that came to this country looking for the exact same thing as our current immigrants, we would not be where we are today.

That giant concrete opening between the United States and México has only gotten larger of the last decade, trying to keep out what, unwanted people? It isn’t fair for the government to have a say as to who can and what type of people are allowed in to this great country of immigrants. In order for the country to continue to be progressive, we need to acknowledge the wall as an open gateway, and not an unwelcome sign.