My Childhood


∞Marcela Morales

My Childhood

I miss waking up with the sign of the rooster,

They were my alarm at 5 in the morning.

I miss the singing of the birds,

The smell of wet sand when it rained.

All those animals that as soon they saw me

They run toward waiting to be fed.

The sound of the river down the road

And all the kids yelling and splashing water.

I miss those old days when worrying about my skin color was the least

I worried about.

Because in my eyes we were all equal

I miss all those days were I didn’t have to worry about learning a new language

And expect to have no accent or otherwise I be judged for it.

I hope one day we can all be treated equal,

And all those differences between races don’t exist.

I hope one day we can all unite for a good cause

To change the world for a better one.