My Role Model


∞Marcela Morales

When I was a little girl, I lost my parents and I lost all hope. When things seemed to get worse, there was a light at the end of the tunnel—that was my grandma.

Mi viejita, with all her care, I learned to call mom. She is my role model because against all odds, she raised me with no money or help. She always managed to feed me and send me to school.

I was born and raised in México. I came to the U.S. when I was a little girl, and there is no day that passes which I don’t think about her.

It hurts just to think that she may soon leave for a better place and I won’t be there with her to say good bye. I wish one day I will be like her. Almost 90 years old, she wakes at 6 in the morning to water her plants and feed her animals. She knows how much I love her and the big help she gave me when I need it most.

She is a strong women and I admire her strength. When her kids were still small, someone shot and killed my grandfather, leaving her alone with her kids. She fled the place, scared for hers and her kid’s lives.

She left everything behind. She managed to provide a good education to her kids, and now they are adults. This is just a couple of examples of why she is my role model and why I love her the most. She never remarried. This shows me that you do not need a man to build a future for yourself and your loved ones.